National Interest: First Family,second nature

Shekar Gupta Usually,every time you start asking if the Congress party has lost its political instinct,it pulls off something entirely unexpected,like its successful backing of the nuclear deal,for example. That ruthless but quicksilver political craft  [..]

National Interest: 1962,a Different story

In the darkness of defeat on the east,let’s recall a bright,shining moment—of courage on the western front It is a sad but touching fact that nations and militaries tend to have stronger,more durable memories of their defeats than of their victories.  [..]

National Interest: Crony,crawly capitalism

Shekar Gupta The corporate circuit is abuzz with a story that is as delightful as it is chastening. It seems that when our business leaders attended Narendra Modi’s Vibrant Gujarat Summit in January and sang his praises,besides promising to invest big  [..]

Actors Don’t Get Money,stars Do: Manoj Bajpayee

In an interview with The Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta on NDTV 24X7’s Walk the Talk,actor Manoj Bajpayee talks about coming to Mumbai at a difficult time,why Shah Rukh Khan and he were never the best of friends and making a mark despite  [..]

By Shekhar Gupta : Allah And Aam Aadmi

Many Pakistan-watchers,particularly in India,allow our contempt,fear and distrust of the Pakistani army to so cloud our judgement,we fail to see a fundamental,and virtuous,change. For a full five years,Zardari ran a bumbling,waffling government,marred  [..]

Uncovering The War

Reconstructing the IPKF disaster,piece by poignant piece,brought me face to face with rare courage —and inexcusable complacence. India’s unexpected war in Sri Lanka caught me on the wrong foot by 12,000 km. I was still finishing the last month of my  [..]

National Interest: My Sardar Vs yours

Shekar Gupta And why is the Congress complaining? When the only icons it cares about are all in one family. In this season of competitive absurdity it is tough to say which one is more ridiculous. The Congress claim that the legacy of Sardar Patel is  [..]