Chetan-Bhagat: How Youth Can Get Their Due

  I went to a restaurant last week where a waiter, a young boy of 22, gave me the best service. It a particularly upscale establishment, but the waiter spoke perfect English. He kept up a smile through his gruelling job. People gave him customisations  [..]

Chetan-Bhagat: Let There Be English, But Abolish Caste System Around The Language

Less than three decades ago only the finest, most cultured, highly educated people in India spoke English. If you were one of these people, those were wonderful times. Just speaking the language made you ‘high class’. This rarified set was less than  [..]

BJP Could Attain An All-time High Of Hindu Power, But It Must Use This Wisely

Election results will be out today. Exit polls indicate that a BJP-led NDA will be in power, riding on Narendra Modi’s popularity. It will be an unusual government, one of the rare times in our contemporary history that a party will be in power despite  [..]

First Ball Has Gone For A Six But This Isn’t IPL, It’s A Test Match

In Mumbai, where I live, I don’t really get invited to many functions and parties of consequence. I eat too many carbs and sleep too early to be invited to Bollywood bashes. My air-kissing is too sloppy for page 3 soirees. Needless to say, an invite  [..]

Let The Good Times Roll

A catchy slogan of the new government was ‘Acche din aane wale hain’, translating to ‘good days are about to come’. However, the party did not specify timelines. When exactly do the acche din or good days start? Did they start on the counting  [..]

Note To Nayi Sarkar: The Honeymoon Is Going To End Soon

This is not a column to assess the performance of the new govern ment. One month is simply not enough to judge or perform a meaningful analysis. However, one month is enough to peek into the working style of the new w announcements and controver sarkar.  [..]

A Five-step Programme May Help A Tottering Congress Party Recover

  Less than half a decade ago, the Congress seemed invincible. The BJP was busy infighting, with more PM candidates than the number of bedrooms in 7 Race Course Road. The Congress was in the classic Goldilocks ‘just right’ state. Manmohan Singh  [..]
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