Bhanu-Pratap-Mehta: Needed, PEST Control

Even the UPSC itself is an example of an ends and means mismatch in Indian education. It is irrational to select everyone from revenue officers to police officers to diplomats through the same selection process. One of the requirements of articulating  [..]

Some Judgement, Please

The ease with which IB reports are used as an argument for or against candidates should give sleepless nights to citizens who care about democracy. Justice Markandey Katju’s mendacious allegations against his former colleagues, rather than provoking  [..]

Building Half-bridges

Reformers don’t understand that state capacity is depleted. We worry too much about where the state should get out and too little about where it should get in. The Union budget is a deep disappointment. It displays India’s weakness as a  [..]

A Long Way From 1984

The most significant story of our times may not be the myopic petulance of our political class. It is rather the profound ways in which our normative order is shifting. Few things are certain in any society; and elites can sometimes determinedly ruin  [..]

The Price Of half-truths

Our biggest economic challenge: to talk ourselves out of the lies fed by government India’s growth prospects are increasingly uncertain. Economists can diagnose the dynamics behind the slowdown and the prospects for recovery. India is nowhere near  [..]

Not Reform Vs populism

It is tempting to characterise the current impasse in Indian politics as a clash between reformers and populists. On this view,the government has,belatedly,woken up to reform and is now being obstructed by a motley crew of opportunists and populists.  [..]

The Quicksand Of caste

Should the ambit of reservation be expanded? An open letter to Dalit friends Friends,the very act of writing on reservations reveals a profound failure. We have not evolved a practice of common citizenship. Reservation about any form of reservations  [..]
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