What Mohan Bhagwat Really Said On Reservation

Having read the Organiser interview with Mohan Bhagwat, chief of the RSS, I am left scratching my head. Going by media reports, one expected an interview devoted to the issue of reservations and making strong recommendations. What one found instead was  [..]

Citizen Kalam: Fine Mind, Biggest Heart

In generations to come, India will no doubt produce finer minds; it is unlikely to give us a bigger heart. More than his achievements as a missile and defence technologist, beyond governmental accomplishments and far removed from the prizes and honours  [..]

Charged Debate Over Yakub Memon Overlooked This

Yakub Memon is dead and buried. The debate over the circumstances of his arrest and quantum of guilt in the Mumbai bombings of 1993 is infructuous now, at least for him and his family. Indeed, after the Supreme Court decided on the finality of his conviction,  [..]